Famous and admired at international level, for the first time in Italy from the Thessaloniki State Museum of Contemporary Art, a fundamental selection of the amazing Russian Avant-Garde George Costakis collection: the man that decided to challenge the prohibitions and ostracism of the Stalinist regime in Moscow during the years immediately following World War II, by collecting proves of the experimental art of the beginning of the century, which saved this vital component of the twentieth century culture from destruction and oblivion.

The exhibition “Russian Avant-Garde from the Costakis collection”, with around 300 works exhibited - among which paintings, guaches, watercolors, works of applied art, documents and a core of about a hundred of drawings on the constructivist architecture – constitutes a real encyclopedic exposure of the Russian Avant-Garde, representative of all the main movements of the time (from New Impressionism and Symbolism to Cubo-Futurism, from Suprematism to Cosmism), rich in artworks of the major artists of that time such as Malevich, Popova, Rodčenko, Rozanova, El Lissitzky, Stepanova.


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